Entertaining kids can be such a challenge, and the need is everywhere...restaurants, stores, cars...the list goes on and on. As a parent, it is so easy to hand over a phone or tablet and "plug kids in" so we don't have to think about it anymore. But sometimes, that can mean a lot of screen time, especially for young kids. And if the battery gauge on your device is only at 4%? Well, then you might be in a bit of a bind.

Enter busybagz. With stylish, durable fabrics and a custom design, the bag itself is chic, looks great, and fits readily on a shoulder or a stroller hook. The contents are hand-curated to your child's interests and age range so they are guaranteed to be a hit.

And who is hand-curating this entertainment inside each bag? Who better than kids, because after all, kids know what kids love and...what they don't! 

We launched this family business after creating our own "restaurant bag" that lived in our car and on our stroller and traveled with us pretty much everywhere we went. When we pulled it out at a restaurant or in a hotel lobby or while shopping in a store, we quickly became the envy of families all around us, who asked where we got it and how we used it. The more we looked around and realized that most kids were either "plugged into" devices or were staring into space out of sheer boredom, the more we realized that this didn't have to be our family secret, but it could be a secret for many families. Our three daughters are helping to guide decisions about the contents of the bagz and the bag design, and together, we are ensuring that the contents of the bagz are full of engaging, "busy" activities that are not only appropriate for your child but a pile of fun as well.

We hope you enjoy your busybagz as much as we have enjoyed ours!